Web design

I found the previous theme to be too static so the first step was to change the theme. Also I liked the idea of being able to have different panels in the homepage to highlight some of the pages in my website. After the analysis of a few themes I decided to re-start my design with Lodestar.

I have designed a diagram of my possible site and I started building it. The first step was to create a static homepage and add the image of Los Angeles as first page changing the font of the title + adding the tagline “always keep dreaming”. I changed the tagline in DREAM BIG, it is what I have always wanted for myself!

I started working on the site pages. The second page “about” becomes the second panels in my homepage. “Why” is the title and I will complete this section in the future.

I tried to insert text on the header and I think I will not need it for now.

I started working on my menu and created a second sidebar menu and positioning it in the research page. The menu will show my research projects and for now it will include sections such us Guerrilla, Typography, Graphic Design and Contact.

I inserted in the main menu the section “projects” that will show up the projects done during my MFA program. I will also insert the “project” section as panel #2 in my homepage.

The blog will be showcasing all the development processes of my design and research. It is designed to be a scroll down blog and I used the plugin “blog designer” to create this interface (there are screenshots of two types of interfaces”). The two posts in the blog will show one this whole process and the second one the creation of the posts itself.

I also dowloaded other plugin such as Elementor and Multiple Portfolio and I am currently analyzing them.



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